Warning: Trading CFDs is high-risk and you may end up losing more than your initial deposit. Please make sure you fully understand the risks involved before you start CFD trading.

Ayondo review

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Ayondo review

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Ayondo is a social-trading platform that was founded in 2009 and has its headquarters in London. Originally operating in Germany, Ayondo has now expanded and offers global reach to markets. Aeon is operated by Ayondo Markets, which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Whilst the backbone of Ayondo's platform is CFD trading, it also offers spread betting broker services to eligible clients, so they can profit from tax-exemption rules.

Trading platforms

Ayondo clients can trade by following the trading activity of other traders or conventionally deciding their own buy/sell CFD trades. In terms of device coverage, Ayondo offers platforms for smartphones, tablets and desktop.

Ayondo Social Trading Platform - 'TradeHub'

TradeHub is a unique trading platform created by Ayondo that allows users to execute trades automatically. The platform is easy to use and can be individually customised to fit your needs.

Traders can choose low-level margins, up to 100% and only pay for that leverage that they use. Traders are also given the ability to trade risk-controlled trades, making use of notional investment amount for each trade - but whilst staying as standard CFD/spread bet status.

An extra benefit is that traders also receive 100% of any stock dividends they are entitled to, subject to tax rates.

TradeHub for Mobile devices

TradeHub is available on smartphones for both iOS and Android devices. The app comes pre-loaded with several specially-designed mobile trading features. These features include:

  • Margin calculation functions
  • Variable portfolio margin-ing
  • Ability to use all funds on deposits as margins
  • Go long and short on same product

Traders also have mobile-access to charts, search user documentation and help with the platform, to ensure you get the most out of the apps.

Account types

Clients can open a demo account or a live trading account, depending on their needs. The live trading account has a minimum deposit stipulation of €100. Live account allow clients to trade CFDs, spread betting or make money from those who follow their trades.

Commissions and Spreads

Ayondo does not charge commission on trades, but trades do invoke a spread, which is how Ayondo makes money. The spreads start at 1.5 pips (EUR/USD) upwards. Trades left open overnight do not incur charges, but if left open over the weekend, a small fee is incurred.

Ayondo signal providers

Ayondo allows traders to become 'signal providers', if they fulfil certain criteria. These traders are those that will be available to 'follow' (or copy) the trades of, as they are considered 'top traders'. The various levels of traders are as follows:

  • Street Trader
    The has completed at least 15 trades in 30 days and secured a max drawdown of no more than 25% and a performance of at least 1% after.
  • Advanced level
    A trader must have completed at least 16 trades in 60 days and achieved a maximum draw down of less than 25%, and overall a performed at at least 2% from the start of their trading past.
  • Professional trader
    A trader needs to have completed a minimum of 25 trades in 90 days and max drawdown of 20%. They must have also performed at a level of 4% or more from the beginning of their trading history.
  • Risk adjusted level
    Traders must have completed 50 trades in 180 days. In addition, they must make one trade every month. Minimum drawdown od 15% and minimum performance level of 6% during their trading career.
  • Institutional trader
    Requires traders to complete minimum of 150 trades p/y and at least 1p/m. Maximum draw-down can't exceed 15 and must have achieved a performance level of 8% every year.

Trading tools

Ayondo traders can make use of a variety of trading tools and resources to help them improve their trading and overall experience with Ayondo. Traders have access to:

  • live webinars
  • news and analysis
  • glossaries
  • FAQs
  • TradeHub manual
  • Tutorials


Deposits available via Credit card, debit card and wire transfer. The minimum deposit is set at 100 GBP/USD/EUR or equivalent and with minimum withdrawal is USD 10. Traders will need to verify the identities before making their first account withdrawal.

In terms of support, Ayondo offers Ayondo LiveChat, email and telephone services.